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Glucurono-XyloMannan polysaccharide from Tremella fuciformis

Acidic heteropolysaccharide composed of Mannose, Glucuronic acid & Xylose extracted & purified from Sporocarp of Tremella fuciformis Fungus.

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Average Molecular Weight generally observed over 1 000 kDa (determination by SEC for each Batch).

Polydispersity : 1.2 - 1.5

INCI name: Tremella fuciformis sporocarp polysaccharide

Applications & uses:

medicinal (wound, immune enhancer,  anti-oxydant), cosmetic as Hyaluronic polymer like.

Recommended reading:

Consist of a main backbone of alpha 1-3 Mannose polymer branched with Xylose, Glucuronic acid & Fucose.

Khamlue et al. IPCBEE vol.43 (2012)