Glycans and glycoconjugates expertise


Thanks to 20 years’ experience, ELICITYL proposes customized approaches combining the appropriate preparation and analysis techniques to study your compounds of interest and/or the associated impurities.
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ELICITYL provides its expertise in biomolecule separation and purification to develop a suitable process to purify your compounds. Our wide choice of equipment allows us to purify a large diversity of biomolecules from the mg to the kg scale.
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With our scientific experience in carbohydrate synthesis, we can design the production pathway and supply the specific glycans you are looking for in the quantity and quality desired.
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ELICITYL offers R&D services for the design and research of bioactive compounds in several fields of application where carbohydrates can bring technological solutions.
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ELICITYL can furnish the molecule developed with its customer in the quantity requested ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
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ELICITYL designs, manufactures, and provides bioactive oligosaccharides, glycoconjugates & polysaccharides as well as R&D related services. With a growing number of partners in agriculture and pharmacy, and based on their requirements, we develop advanced applications in their respective fields.

Our expertise in glycobiotechnology relies on a strong internal know-how combined with state-ofthe-art capabilities and equipment in glycochemistry, bioproduction, extraction from biomass, purification, and characterization.