About us

Elicityl is a biotech company specialized in carbohydrate design & manufacturing

We offer bioactive oligosaccharides & polysaccharides plus related R&D services and we develop advanced solutions for specific applications through strategic partnerships.

We propose a wide catalogue of products and we evaluate any specific need to provide customized solutions.

Our offer is continuously evolving based on our ever-improving technological know-how and capabilities in the production of glycans by bacterial fermentation and by extraction from biomass. Every day we improve our processes,  in chemical synthesis, in purification and in characterization. We can work at the mg scale up to the multi-100 grams scale and we are able to design scalable technologies of manufacturing.

Our scientific team is composed of highly qualified chemists, biochemists, microbiologists, biologists and analysts. Elicityl staff, composed of highly educated PhD scientists and top-level engineers in organic chemistry and biotechnologies, has developed an extensive experience in glycosylation, extraction, purification, and bacterial fermentation.

Our capabilities

Our laboratory is composed of 6 complementary platforms:

Extraction platform

  • From the lab scale (10 L) to pilot plant (2000 L)

Biofermentation platform

  • Equipped with several mid-size fermenters

Glycochemistry lab

  • Including 50 L reactor

Pre-purification and fine purification platform


  • Ultra- & nanofiltration at the lab scale & pilot plant
  • Charcoal & resins used in batch and in column

Chromatography plaform:

Preparative HPC

  • Reverse phase (50, 100 & 200 mm)
  • Ion exchange (50 mm)
  • Hilic Zwiterion (50 mm)

Solid phase exchange chromatography (SPE) (100 & 200 mm)

Size exclusion chromatography (SEC)

Rotavapors and automated collection systems

Analytical platform

See our Analysis services offer for the description of our tools and approaches

Packing lab

Including a freeze dryer

Our history

  • Elicityl was founded in 2002 in order to exploit a CNRS (leading academic research center in France) patent aimed at isolating a specific oligosaccharide acting as a biocontrol phytopharmaceutical  product. Corresponding product, called PEL101GV, is used to enhance the natural resistance of vineyard to spring frost and thus, to prevent leave necrosis induced by the freezing conditions. The active substance, heptamaloxyloglucan, is a highly purified hemicellulose oligosaccharide extracted from apple that once sprayed on the leaves triggers a cellular response enhancing the freezing resistance of the plant.
  • PEL101GV is approved in France (approval 2070108) and marketed by our distributor CR Distribution.
  • A few years later in 2008, Elicityl has extended its expertise from extraction to production of glycans by bacterial fermentation and to chemical functionalization of these glycans in order to develop one of the widest offering of carbohydrates, presented in a wide catalog of glycoproducts for research. Customized deliveries are part of the offer.
  • In 2015, Elicityl offer has been enriched with services and we are now acting as a CRO (Contract Research Organization) in the field of glycosciences, including R&D services and analysis.
  • Elicityl research programs are currently driven by several strategic partnerships targeting design and development of bioactive compounds in human heath, animal nutrition, and plant health.