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Symposium on HMOs in Pregnancy

The Medical University of Graz, Austria, initiates meetings about this promissing topic. The 1st Mini-symposium on Human Milk Oligosaccharides in Pregnancy will take place in Graz University, on September 2nd, 2016.

More details on http://www.medunigraz.at/human-milk-oligosaccharides-in-pregnancy/

Elicityl sponsorizes and joins this event, it will be a pleasure to meet you there .

Elicityl against Cystic Fibrosis

Elicityl is proud to announce that the Anti-Pyo project, accredited by the world competitiveness cluster LyonBioPôle and submitted to the 14th FUI call for projects has been selected.

The objective of the project is to develop a drug candidate to treat lung infections related to Pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients in intensive care and in patients with cystic fibrosis. This bacteria is the leading cause of infection in patients in intensive care and is responsible for 80% of mortality in patients with cystic fibrosis. The molecules developed in ANTI-PYO will have to prevent bacterial attachment to the lung surface, to facilitate their elimination by the immune system and to make them much more sensitive to standard antibiotic treatments against which the bacteria has become resistant.

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Partnership opportunities: Carbohydrates as antiviral feed additive in poultry

poulet cage

What is the context ?

Poultry is often suffering from viral infection (like Avian Flu, Newcastle virus, Coronarovirus) during its breeding; generating diarrhea, loss of weight, and even death. Vaccines are not covering the broad spectrum and human drugs are prohibited. One solution could be natural Carbohydrates.

What is Carbohydrates ?

Our carbohydrates are coming from a green algae, Caulerpa Racemosa, produced by aquaculture in Asia. They are comestible and sustainable and can be administrated to the poultry without risk for human consumption. It is a big advantage.

algues Caulerpa RacemosaCaulerpa Racemosa


What are Carbohydrates doing ?

They prevent the virus replication through inhibition of viral adhesion and entry on target epithelials cells. Studies have been done with success on chicken and mices infected by an Avian Flu virus.

Elicityl is looking for partnership to develop this veterinary innovative product. It is already patented , elements of a proof of concept exist and the company needs partners to finalize the development and commercialize the product.

Affinity Matrix & Fluorophore, Biotin Probes: Taking advantages of GlycoBricks®


Any Carbohydrates now available as:

  • Affinity matrix (adsorbent for affinity chromatography)
  • Biotin, amino, fluorophore conjugates

Following Examples of our new product lines:

Affinity Matrix
  • Non-carbohydrate matrix  to avoid any non-specific sugar-dependent interactions
  • High exclusion volume (5 000 kDa for a globular protein)
  • Robust: resistant to extreme pH

GLY037-1: Blood group A Hexaose Type 1 conjugated to Matrix

GLY071: Galili pentaose conjugated to Matrix

Biotin, Amino and Fluorophore Conjugates: efficient tools for ELISA assays, histological studies…

GLY123: Globo H Hexaose conjugated with Biotin label

GLY093: GM2 Ganglioside Sugar conjugated with Amino Label

GLU313: Maltotriose conjugated with FITC label

Maltodecaose shortage

Due to unexpected technical issue, our item maltodecaose GLU320 is currently in shortage for months (estimation) - As a consequence, our item maltokit GLU322 has been adapted and will no longer contain GLU322 (september 12, 2016). Our team does the best to solve the issue, and is sorry about the situation.