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Glycoworkbench & GFG nomenclature

Drawings following GFG nomenclature have been made thanks to Glycoworkbench.

A.Ceroni, K. Maass, H.Geyer, R.Geyer, A.Dell and S.M.Haslam: GlycoWorkbench: A Tool for the Computer-Assisted Annotation of Mass Spectra of Glycans Journal of Proteome Research, 7 (4), 1650--1659, 2008 (PMID: 18311910)
A.Ceroni, A.Dell and S.M.Haslam: The GlycanBuilder: a fast, intuitive and flexible software tool for building and displaying glycan structures Source Code for Biology and Medicine, 2007,2:3 (PMID: 17683623)

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