Blood group A antigen tetraose type 5-O-S-NH2 (>97% HPLC)

Product code: BAR035-3-O-S-NH2


Product manufactured under ISO 9001 certification

Application: designed to be grafted on a support, for purification of blood derivative

products (removal of blood group A antibodies) by chromatography

Charge: Amino Spacer Arm – Hydrochloride Form

Please contact for any information


Chemical formula: C31 H57 N2 O20 S Cl

Molecular weight: 845.305

Laboratory reagent for research and development only. Not for human or animal use.

MSDS _BAR035_3_O_S_NH2.pdf (MSDS _BAR035_3_O_S_NH2.pdf) Download (281.68KB)

specs_BAR035-3-O-S-NH2.pdf (specs_BAR035-3-O-S-NH2.pdf) Download (149.25KB)

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