About Glycobricks®

About GlycoBricks®

  • GlycoBricks® are functionalized oligosaccharides derived from bioactive oligosaccharides

  • A choice of different types of activated groups is proposed at the reducing end of the Glycobricks®

  • Versatile products Ready-to-Click and functionalizable with label of choice. Spacer arm lenght adaptable.

  • Any customized Glycobricks® request is evaluated covering all oligosaccharides disclosed in this catalogue and beyond on demand

  • The products are available from the mg to the multi-gram scale

  • They are produced through manufacturable process to anticipate potential industrial application

GlycoBricks® Applications :

  • Click Chemistry: Building of macromolecular architecture such as glycodendrimers & glycoclusters

  • Glycan array: Availability with amino label or Propargyl for immobilization

  • Affinity Matrix: non-carbohydrate adsorbents with glycan of choice. Suitable for Immunology studies, antibodies virus, lectins , proteins removal or purification

  • Oligosaccharides labelling: availability with Biotin and fluorophores conjugates such as FITC, Alexa... Suitable for Imaging, analysis of interactions, targeting, drug optimization