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Dermatan sulphate oligosaccharides

Structural description

Manufactured from high quality Dermatan Sulfate (from pork) thanks to a partial GAG-endolyase scission and purified by high resolution gel filtration.

General formula: ∆UA-GallNAc,4S – (IdoA – GalNAc,4S)n-IdoA-GalNAc,4S
= number of disaccharide units

Main disaccharide unit

IdoA 1-3 GalNAc,4S

The endolytic scission creates a C4-C5 double bond at the non-reducing ends of the hexaose in the Uronic acid (∆UA). The product contains 88% of the original dermatan sulfate and minor quantities of 6-sulfated and 2,4 disulfated units (5% and 7% respectively).