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2013 Publications


GD2 ganglioside sugar
Structure and function of the Salmonella Typhi chimaeric A2B5 typhoid toxin
Jeongmin Song et al.
Blood group A antigen tetraose type 2
Febs Letters
Conformational change of a unique sequence in a fungal galectin
4 from Agrocybe cylindracea controls glycan ligand-binding specificity
Naoyuki Kuwabara et al.
Histo-blood group antigens & LecA/LecB lectins
Please refer to Lewis & blood group category
Deciphering the Glycan Preference of Bacterial Lectins
by Glycan Array and Molecular Docking with Validation
by Microcalorimetry and Crystallography
Topin et al.
LNnH / Para-Lacto-N-neoHexaose
Bio Research
Production of a Recombinant Antibody Specific for i Blood
Group Antigen, a Mesenchymal Stem Cell Marker
Hirvonen et al.
FITC labeled LecB, RSL, and
Please Refer to lectins part
European Journal of Organic chemistry
Synthesis and Characterization of Linker-Armed Fucose-Based Glycomimetics
Doknic et al.
GD1a ganglioside sugar
Nature communications
Structure of dual receptor binding to botulinum neurotoxin B
Berntsson et al.
Globo-H, Globo-A & Globo-B, various blood group antigens
GLY123, GLY124, GLY125
Analytical chemistry
Typing of Blood-Group Antigens on Neutral Oligosaccharides by Negative-Ion Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Zhang et al.
Maltooctaose DP8
Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom
Discrimination of cyclic and linear oligosaccharides by tandem
mass spectrometry using collision-induced dissociation (CID),
pulsed-Q-dissociation (PQD) and the higher-energy C-trap
dissociation modes
Przybylski & Bonnet
Various Histo-Blood group antigens
Please refer to Lewis & blood group category
Affinities of recombinant norovirus P dimers for human blood group antigens
Han et al.
Pustulan polysaccharide
Exoglucanase-encoding genes from three Wickerhamomyces anomalus killer strains isolated from olive brine
Muccilli et al.