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Korea : MRTeck

MRTeck Co. operates in Korea on a non-exclusive basis since 2014.

See www.mrteck.co.kr or contact pbskes@hanmail.net

India : Bio-Indenta

Logo BioIndenta

Bio-Indenta operates on a non-exclusive basis, and belongs to the reknown Sisco Research Laboratories Group  www.srlchem.com


China : Shanghai ZZBio



Shanghai ZZBio Co., Ltd. operates on a non exclusive basis since 2013.

See www.zzstandard.com or www.zzstandard.cn or contact info@zzstandard.com

Japan : Ikedarika

Ikedarika operates in Japan since 2010.

See also our "About Oligotech" page, or see www.ikedarika.co.jp

China : Shanghai Seebio Biotech

Shanghai Seebio Biotech, Inc operates on a non-exclusive basis since 2013.

See www.seebio.cn or contact info@seebio.cn