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Based near Grenoble, France, ELICITYL is a biotech company devoted to complex sugar engineering and production.

The company mission is to supply oligosaccharides and polysaccharides for biological applications targeting plant health, pharmacy, nutraceutics and cosmetics.

ELICITYL has two commercial offers:

OligoTech®: a Library of complex carbohydrates & glycoproducts

  • Extracted from biomass
  • Produced by bacterial fermentation
  • Potentially modified thru chemical functionalization

The OligoTech® offer gives business opportunities using the untapped variety of complex sugars in compliance with all regulation appliances.

Complex sugars for Plant health: ELICITYL commercialises PEL101GV®, a complex sugar extracted from biomass enhancing the natural vine resistance to spring frosts.

ELICITYL has an extensive skill in complex sugar manufacturing and valorisation. In particular, the OligoTech® offer is based on the know-how in extraction, purification and fine characterization of complex sugars and on unique industrial production means owned and controlled by ELICITYL. Elicityl’s supplying capabilities include sampling lines to scaled-up industrial processes enabling the delivery from the g to multi kg scale.

ELICITYL coordinates an industrial consortium program to create a bank of complex sugar with screening on antiviral activity (hepatitis C, influenza and dengue viruses). This R&D project (CARBINFEC) is supported by the world competitive cluster, Lyonbiopôle focused on infectious diseases.

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