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Research and production of highly purified oligosaccharides for agriculture, pharmacy, nutraceutics and cosmetics.

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A library of tailor-made complex sugars
for biomedical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and agriculture applications :



Based near Grenoble, France, ELICITYL is a biotech company devoted to complex sugar engineering and production.

The company mission is to supply oligosaccharides and polysaccharides for biological applications targeting plant health, pharmacy, nutraceutics and cosmetics.

ELICITYL has two commercial offers:

OligoTech®: a Library of complex carbohydrates & glycoproducts

  • Extracted from biomass
  • Produced by bacterial fermentation
  • Potentially modified thru chemical functionalization

The OligoTech® offer gives business opportunities using the untapped variety of complex sugars in compliance with all regulation appliances.

Complex sugars for Plant health: ELICITYL commercialises PEL101GV®, a complex sugar extracted from biomass enhancing the natural vine resistance to spring frosts.

ELICITYL has an extensive skill in complex sugar manufacturing and valorisation. In particular, the OligoTech® offer is based on the know-how in extraction, purification and fine characterization of complex sugars and on unique industrial production means owned and controlled by ELICITYL. Elicityl’s supplying capabilities include sampling lines to scaled-up industrial processes enabling the delivery from the g to multi kg scale.

ELICITYL coordinates an industrial consortium program to create a bank of complex sugar with screening on antiviral activity (hepatitis C, influenza and dengue viruses). This R&D project (CARBINFEC) is supported by the world competitive cluster, Lyonbiopôle focused on infectious diseases.

746 avenue Ambroise Croizat
38920 Crolles
Phone : +33 (0)4 76 40 71 61    
Fax : +33 (0)76 45 49 50

Elicityl - SA à conseil de surveillance.
n° Siret: 442 055 893. Code APE: 731Z.
Intra-communautaire: FR 844 420 558 930 0022

About OligoTech®

Glycoproducts for Life sciences

The OligoTech® catalogue includes over 400 products for glycosciences and in particular for biomedical, phytopharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutraceutics R&D.

  • Natural polysaccharides and oligosaccharides extracted from biomass
  • Glycan oligosaccharides
  • Monosaccharides, di-, tri-, tetrasaccharides
  • Glycobricks®: Functionalized Glycans
  • Glycosaminoglycans
  • Aminoglycoside derivatives
  • Human & bacterial Lectins

OligoTech® know-how & capabilities

  • Elicityl supplies carbohydrates and glycoproducts manufactured in our facilities by extraction, enzymatic processes and fermentation.
  • Elicityl develops industrial methods of production based on its expertise in carbohydrate elaboration, purification and characterization.

Distribution in Japan by Ikedarika

Our Oligotech® is distributed in Japan by Ikedarika.

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Japanese Catalogue

OligoTech 全取扱い商品リスト

Japanese Catalogue


Korea : MRTeck

MRTeck Co. operates in Korea on a non-exclusive basis since 2014.

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India : Bio-Indenta

Logo BioIndenta

Bio-Indenta operates on a non-exclusive basis, and belongs to the reknown Sisco Research Laboratories Group


China : Shanghai ZZBio



Shanghai ZZBio Co., Ltd. operates on a non exclusive basis since 2013.

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Japan : Ikedarika

Ikedarika operates in Japan since 2010.

See also our "About Oligotech" page, or see

China : Shanghai Seebio Biotech

Shanghai Seebio Biotech, Inc operates on a non-exclusive basis since 2013.

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Symposium on HMOs in Pregnancy

The Medical University of Graz, Austria, initiates meetings about this promissing topic. The 1st Mini-symposium on Human Milk Oligosaccharides in Pregnancy will take place in Graz University, on September 2nd, 2016.

More details on

Elicityl sponsorizes and joins this event, it will be a pleasure to meet you there .

Elicityl against Cystic Fibrosis

Elicityl is proud to announce that the Anti-Pyo project, accredited by the world competitiveness cluster LyonBioPôle and submitted to the 14th FUI call for projects has been selected.

The objective of the project is to develop a drug candidate to treat lung infections related to Pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients in intensive care and in patients with cystic fibrosis. This bacteria is the leading cause of infection in patients in intensive care and is responsible for 80% of mortality in patients with cystic fibrosis. The molecules developed in ANTI-PYO will have to prevent bacterial attachment to the lung surface, to facilitate their elimination by the immune system and to make them much more sensitive to standard antibiotic treatments against which the bacteria has become resistant.

Read the news

Read the press release

Partnership opportunities: Carbohydrates as antiviral feed additive in poultry

poulet cage

What is the context ?

Poultry is often suffering from viral infection (like Avian Flu, Newcastle virus, Coronarovirus) during its breeding; generating diarrhea, loss of weight, and even death. Vaccines are not covering the broad spectrum and human drugs are prohibited. One solution could be natural Carbohydrates.

What is Carbohydrates ?

Our carbohydrates are coming from a green algae, Caulerpa Racemosa, produced by aquaculture in Asia. They are comestible and sustainable and can be administrated to the poultry without risk for human consumption. It is a big advantage.

algues Caulerpa RacemosaCaulerpa Racemosa


What are Carbohydrates doing ?

They prevent the virus replication through inhibition of viral adhesion and entry on target epithelials cells. Studies have been done with success on chicken and mices infected by an Avian Flu virus.

Elicityl is looking for partnership to develop this veterinary innovative product. It is already patented , elements of a proof of concept exist and the company needs partners to finalize the development and commercialize the product.

Affinity Matrix & Fluorophore, Biotin Probes: Taking advantages of GlycoBricks®


Any Carbohydrates now available as:

  • Affinity matrix (adsorbent for affinity chromatography)
  • Biotin, amino, fluorophore conjugates

Following Examples of our new product lines:

Affinity Matrix
  • Non-carbohydrate matrix  to avoid any non-specific sugar-dependent interactions
  • High exclusion volume (5 000 kDa for a globular protein)
  • Robust: resistant to extreme pH

GLY037-1: Blood group A Hexaose Type 1 conjugated to Matrix

GLY071: Galili pentaose conjugated to Matrix

Biotin, Amino and Fluorophore Conjugates: efficient tools for ELISA assays, histological studies…

GLY123: Globo H Hexaose conjugated with Biotin label

GLY093: GM2 Ganglioside Sugar conjugated with Amino Label

GLU313: Maltotriose conjugated with FITC label

Maltodecaose shortage

Due to unexpected technical issue, our item maltodecaose GLU320 is currently in shortage for months (estimation) - As a consequence, our item maltokit GLU322 has been adapted and will no longer contain GLU322 (september 12, 2016). Our team does the best to solve the issue, and is sorry about the situation.




Glycoworkbench & GFG nomenclature

Drawings following GFG nomenclature have been made thanks to Glycoworkbench.

A.Ceroni, K. Maass, H.Geyer, R.Geyer, A.Dell and S.M.Haslam: GlycoWorkbench: A Tool for the Computer-Assisted Annotation of Mass Spectra of Glycans Journal of Proteome Research, 7 (4), 1650--1659, 2008 (PMID: 18311910)
A.Ceroni, A.Dell and S.M.Haslam: The GlycanBuilder: a fast, intuitive and flexible software tool for building and displaying glycan structures Source Code for Biology and Medicine, 2007,2:3 (PMID: 17683623)

GFG nomenclature further interesting reading :

Glycopedia : efficient Tool for Glycosciences dissemination & education

A useful & ambitious tool developed by Serge Perez. feel free to have a look. You are sure to learn something new & interesting!

Glyco 3D : Glycan Structure Database


Outstanding 3 D database developed & shared by CERMAV-CNRS teams towards R&D community

Terms & Conditions

OligoTech Sale Terms and conditions - 2011 06 06

If you are ordering a product from OligoTech, OligoTech Sale Terms and Conditions will be applied (and not PEL101GV Sale Terms and Conditions).

These conditions apply to all sales of goods by Elicityl (The Seller) to any Purchaser (The Buyer), whatever is the nationality of the Buyer. In placing its order with the Supplier, the Buyer has accepted all of the general terms & conditions of sale as described herein, notwithstanding any proposed change in terms contained in its own purchasing documents.

Ordering. We will only accept orders from Companies, Universities and Colleges, Research Institutes, Hospitals, Government Agencies. We cannot supply retailers, wholesalers, brokers or individuals. The Buyer agrees that the Products sold and delivered to the Buyer hereunder are to be used solely for Buyer's proper use and are not to be resold or used by customer for any other purpose or in any other manner whatsoever. Buyer’s orders are thereafter subject to our written acceptance, and, prior to such acceptance, may be refused or canceled by us for any reason, including our inability to supply, or if the customer could not be identified.

Orders may be placed by mail, fax, e-mail, through our website ( Orders should be accompanied by a delivery and invoicing address, a Purchase Order Number, a confirmation of the acceptation of the price of products, delivery cost and our present Terms and Conditions. Elicityl validates the order by sending an acknowledgement receipt of order. Ordering by e-mail at Ordering by fax on +33 (0)4 76 45 59 50. Customers can order by mail to the following address: Elicityl, 746 avenue Ambroise Croizat, F-38920 Crolles, France.

Products. Our products are supplied solely for research purpose and for use in the laboratory by experienced and qualified personnel. They are not intended for human consumption; in particular they are not for nutritional, drug use or human experimentation. They are not intended for resale. Any other use has to be approved and confirmed in written by Elicityl.

All or products should be handled by qualified personnel only; trained in laboratory procedures, and familiar with potential hazards. Information is not available on the possible hazards of many compounds. The absence of a warning must not be interpreted as indication of safety. The ultimate responsibility for the proper handling of any product lies with the user.

Prices. All prices are listed in Euros. Duty, applicable taxes, freight charges and any special packaging charges are excluded and will be added to the invoice. Products and prices are correct at the time of printing and order on the web site but are subject to change without notice. The prices payable for the goods shall be those contained in the Seller’s price list current at the time of dispatch, or confirmed on request by the Seller. Quotations are valid for 60 days from the date on the quotation. Prices for orders placed after this period must be re-confirmed by the Seller. We overcharge transportation cost and any applicable taxes to the customer. Local custom fees and VAT will be separately invoiced by Transport Company or forwarding agent.

Payment. Prepaid orders (credit card or checks): Elicityl generally ships the product within two open days, customer receiving the product within one week (Europe) to two weeks when the stock is available. See also Availability.

Credit orders: For new customers, credit acceptance has to be confirmed by Elicityl prior to shipment. Our payment terms are usually within 30 days of the date of invoice. Payment may be made in Euros by Credit Card through Paypal, electronic transfer or cheque to Elicityl or to our current factoring agent, as mentioned on the invoice. We will not accept deduction of the customer’s own bank charges. Unpaid balances shall be subject to interest at the rate of 3 times the French applicable legal rate from the invoice date. In addition, the Supplier may, after giving eight (8) days written notice, suspend the supply of any Products without liability until all past due accounts (including fees and accrued interest) have been paid. The Supplier does no pay any rebate for early payment.

Data Sheets. All orders dispatched will be accompanied by product data sheets. The specifications are made on the base of our best knowledge and the seller shall have no liability for any deviation from this. The seller accepts no liability for any errors. To complete the data sheet and in accordance with the regulation, the Buyer shall provide assistance to the Supplier in connection with the collection of Information in connection with the Products complete and deliver on first request, a “Information  Form” provided by the Supplier.

Shipping. Delivery dates mentioned in any quotation, acknowledgement of order or elsewhere are approximate only and not of any contractual effect and the Seller shall not be under any liability to the Buyer in respect of any failure to deliver on any particular date or dates. In case of inability of the Seller to deliver the products eight (8) weeks after the Purchase Order, the Buyer will be informed. Small orders will be sent by mail or registered mail. Most orders will be sent by international registered courier. The Buyer shall meet the cost of any special packaging requested by the Buyer for any packaging rendered necessary for delivery by any means other than the Seller’s normal means of delivery. Whenever authorizations concerning import, exchange transactions or other formalities are required for the importation of our Products into the country of destination, or for the payment thereof, the obtaining of such authorizations and compliance therewith within the applicable time period is at the sole expense and complete responsibility of the Buyer. Partial shipment: In the event that a complete order cannot be shipped, a partial shipment will be made at our discretion. Customer must indicate at the time an order is placed in the event that a partial shipment is not acceptable. An invoice will be processed for each partial shipment. Shipping fees will be invoiced only once, on the first invoice.

Storage. Our products are mainly sold as freeze dried. Most products are stable for some years at ambient temperature, provided they are not opened and the seal is not broken.

Variation. The Seller shall be determined to have fulfilled its contractual obligations in respect of any delivery though the quantity may be up to 10% more or less than the quantity specified in the contract and in such event the Buyer shall pay for the actual quantity delivered.

Availability. Some products require lengthy re-make periods and sometimes are derived from raw materials which have uncertain or intermittent availability. They may therefore be unavailable for considerable periods of time. The buyer cannot drive any right from any delay, which is no longer than two months (one month in case of prepayment). Thereafter, the buyer’s rights are limited to cancellation of the undelivered part of the order, prepayments are refunded.

Distribution. Some products could be delivered by local distributors. In this case the Seller informs the Purchaser of the name and the contact of the distributor.

Warranty. In case of proven default in a product or delivery, the Seller’s responsibility cannot exceed the replacement of the delivered product by a conform one. The Supplier shall not in no event be liable for any lost, damage, delay, costs, diminished profits, revenues, or opportunities; or any other incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind or nature whatsoever arising from the contract supported by the Buyer. Buyer must notify the Seller within five days after the products have been received or such products shall be deemed to have been accepted. Any return of product is subject to prior agreement between the Buyer and the Seller. Any product return without such agreement will be kept in custody and will not give rise to any reimbursement. All costs and expenses connected to such return will be charged to the Buyer.

Intellectual Property. The Buyer shall not use the Seller’s Intellectual Property Rights in a manner that disparages the other party or its products or services, blurs, dilutes or otherwise diminishes the Seller's trade names, trademarks, service marks or other intellectual property, or portrays the Seller or its products or services in a false, competitively adverse or poor light. The Buyer shall comply with the Seller's requests as to the use of the Seller’s Property Rights and will avoid any action that diminishes the value of such marks. Without limiting the foregoing, the Buyer shall not, without written permission from the Seller use any of the Seller's brand names, keywords or derivations of either of the above for any purpose.

Governing Law. This contract shall be governed in all respects by the French laws and the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Grenoble Court.

Derogation. Any derogation to these terms and conditions are specified in written in the quotation signed by Elicityl.

These Sale Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

PEL101GV termes et conditions de vente / PEL101GV sale terms and conditions

Termes et conditions de vente applicables au produit PEL101GV uniquement (les termes et conditions de vente pour les produits Oligotech sont différents, merci d'en tenir compte)

If you are ordering the product PEL101GV, PEL101GV Sale Terms and Conditions will be applied (and not OligoTech Sale Terms and Conditions)

1. Dispositions générales

Les présentes conditions générales s’appliquent dans leur intégralité à toutes les ventes de produits à usage agricole consenties par Elicityl ; Elles en constituent les conditions essentielles et déterminantes et prévalent sur toutes  conditions générales d’achat et tous autres documents émanant du client, quels qu’en soient les termes. Aussi, toute commande émise auprès de la société Elicityl implique l’acceptation sans réserve des tarifs de la société Elicityl et des présentes conditions générales.

2 Droit Applicable :

Toute question relative aux présentes conditions générales de vente, ainsi qu’aux ventes qu’elles régissent, qui ne serait pas traitée par les stipulations contractuelles, sera régie par le droit français. En cas de litige, tout différend ayant trait aux présentes conditions générales, ainsi qu’aux commandes et contrats qu’elles régissent, sera de la seule compétence du Tribunal de Commerce de Grenoble (38, Isère, France) même en cas de référé, d’appel en garantie, de demande incidente ou de pluralité des défendeurs.

3 Commandes :

Les commandes sont valablement émises verbalement, par téléphone ou par écrit ; Elles sont conclues dans la limite des stocks disponibles, après confirmation écrite (courrier, télécopie, ou Email sur demande expresse du client) par la société Elicityl. Pour autant, toute commande engage le client dès son émission. Aucune commande ne peut être annulée ou cédée sans l’accord de la société Elicityl.

4 Réserve de Propriété :

Les produits sont vendus sous réserve de propriété jusqu’à leur complet paiement. A cet égard, le paiement s’entend du règlement effectif sur le compte de la société Elicityl, du prix des produits, des frais afférents à la commande et des intérêts. En cas de non-paiement même partiel du client d’une échéance, la société Elicityl pourra notamment revendiquer le prix de revente des produits impayés ou reprendre les produits impayés aux frais et aux risques du client, les produits en stock chez le client étant supposés être ceux impayés.

5 Délivrance / Livraison :

La société Elicityl organise le transport du produit en un lieu convenu avec le client. Les délais de livraison sont donnés à titre indicatif, et leur non-respect ne saurait en aucun cas donner lieu à une annulation de commande ou à versement de dommages et intérêts. A réception du produit, le client ou son représentant signe un bon de livraison daté qui décharge la société Elicityl de son obligation de délivrance.

6 Transfert de Risques :

De convention expresse, et nonobstant la clause de réserve de propriété mentionnée à l’article 4 précédent, les produits sont réputés sous la garde du client à compter de la date de leur délivrance telle que définie à l’article 5 précédent. Aussi, à compter de cette date, le client supportera seul les risques que les produits pourraient subir ou occasionner, pour quelque cause que ce soit, même en cas de force majeure, de cas fortuit ou du fait d’un tiers.

7 Conformité Réception :

La conformité des produits (état, absence vice, nombre….) ainsi que leur destination et conditions d’utilisations doivent être impérativement vérifiées par le client lors de leur réception. En cas d’enlèvement des produits par le client, toute réserve ou contestation relative à la conformité des produits devra être portée sur le bon d’enlèvement. En cas d’organisation par la société Elicityl du transport des produits jusqu’aux locaux du client, toute réserve ou contestation devra être portée sur le bon de livraison et être confirmée au transporteur dans les conditions de l’article L 133-3 du Code de Commerce, par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception adressée dans les trois jours (non compris les jours fériés) suivant la prise de livraison des produits ; A défaut du respect de ces conditions, les produits seront réputés conformes et la responsabilité de la société Elicityl ne pourra être mise en cause à ce titre, le client étant tenu pour responsable de tout préjudice subi par la société Elicityl du fait du non respect de cette procédure.

8 Prix :

Les prix sont facturés, sauf stipulation contraire écrite, selon le tarif correspondant en vigueur à la date de la passation de la commande correspondante. Ces prix s’entendent hors taxe, franco lieu de livraison porté sur la facture

9 Paiement-Modalités :

Les produits sont payables au comptant en Euros au siège social de la société Elicityl par chèque ou virement, à la date d’échéance mentionnée sur la facture. En cas de risque d’insolvabilité du client, et/ou en cas de risque de difficulté de recouvrement, et/ou tout autre motif de nature similaire, la société Elicityl pourra exiger une garantie, un acompte, un délai de paiement réduit et/ou un règlement comptant avant l’exécution des commandes. Aucun escompte ne sera accordé en cas de paiement anticipé.

10 Paiement :

Retard ou défaut Si une facture venue à échéance n’est pas réglée, même partiellement, des pénalités de retard seront appliquées et calculées depuis la date d’échéance jusqu’au jour du paiement effectif à un taux égal à une fois et demie le taux d’intérêt légal. En outre, tout retard entraînera de plein droit la suspension de l’exécution des commandes en cours. Parallèlement, les sommes dues en raison d’autres commandes déjà livrées ou en cours de livraison seront immédiatement exigibles. Le client devra rembourser tous les frais occasionnés par le défaut de paiement à l’échéance, dont frais de correspondance, frais de chèques impayés, honoraires d’officiers ministériels et auxiliaires de justice.

11 Garanties :

Pour les produits pour lesquels elle est fabricant, la société Elicityl garantit que les produits sont conformes aux descriptions chimiques précisées sur les étiquettes, et que les produits sont raisonnablement appropriés aux finalités indiquées lorsqu’ils sont utilisés dans le strict respect des modes d’emploi. En conséquence, la société Elicityl ne concède aucune autre garantie expresse ou implicite, y compris toute garantie implicite de qualité marchande ou d’adéquation à un usage particulier autre que celui prévu, et ne saurait être tenue pour responsable des dommages directs et indirects de quelque nature que ce soit pouvant résulter de l’utilisation du produit. En cas de non-conformité avérée du produit livré par rapport aux spécifications attendues, la société Elicityl verrait sa responsabilité limitée au remplacement à ses frais du produit défaillant par du produit conforme. Pour les produits pour lesquels elle commercialise en tant que revendeur, la société Elicityl limite la garantie à celle du fabricant, après expertise et validation des services techniques de ce dernier.

12 Retours :

Aucun retour de produit ne sera accepté s’il n’a fait l’objet d’un accord exprès, préalable et écrit de la société Elicityl au profit du client. En cas de retour, les produits devront être en parfait état de conservation, et devront être restitués dans leur emballage ou conditionnement d’origine.

13 Force Majeure :

Sont considérés comme cas de force majeure eu égard aux obligations de la société Elicityl les évènements indépendants de sa volonté et qu’elle ne peut raisonnablement être tenue de prévoir, dans la mesure ou leur survenance rend plus difficile ou plus onéreuse l’exécution de ses obligations. Il en sera également ainsi en toutes circonstances, et ce même s’ils n’entrent pas dans la définition précitée, notamment en cas de guerre, explosion, actes de vandalisme, émeutes, mouvements populaires, bris de machine, incendie, tempête, dégâts des eaux, grève, lock-out, actes de gouvernement, embargo, pénurie de matières premières, modifications de la règlementation applicable aux présentes conditions générales ou aux produits, intervenant dans les locaux de la société Elicityl, et/ou chez les fournisseurs et/ou les prestataires dont dépend la société Elicityl.

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Phone : +33 (1) 57 69 12 29

Customized delivery

Customized delivery

Elicityl provides solutions for the tailor-made delivery of complex sugars

  • Feasibility study
  • Customized production
  • Production from the g, 100 g and multi kg scale
  • For development and/or production of specific needs
  • Targeted selections of carbohydrates for screening
  • Affinity adsorbents (with your carbohydrate of choice) coming soon
  • Immobilizable oligosaccharides for spotting 
  • Glycan array (with your carbohydrate of choice) coming soon

All specific request evaluated

Analysis services

Analysis services

Elicityl has developed an extensive skill for providing time and cost effective analytical services of glycoproducts to accompany your projects from the first idea to final batch release.

Our know-How and capabilities in the engineering and production of complex carbohydrates will bring you support at any steps of your projects:

• Natural carbohydrate characterization & identification
• Preparation & purification of samples for analysis
• Structure elucidation, monomer composition, sulfation…
• Purity determination
• Product development support