Biotinylated oligosaccharides

Document: Biotinylated oligosaccharides - brochure

Biotinylated oligosaccharides are a class of molecules specifically designed for immunological studies. The association between streptavidin and biotin is known as one of the strongest non-covalent interaction in nature with an affinity constant in the femtomolar range. Moreover, it’s specificity and high resilience to temperature, pH and organic solvents makes it an effective tool to investigate under various conditions bindings constants (1).

Our biotinylated compounds can be used in carbohydrate arrays. The spacer permits an easy accessibility and an optimal presentation of the epitope toward the protein.

You can find below some already synthesized biotinylated glycans from our portfolio and the oligosaccharide categories we can provide with a biotin function.

Elicityl can provide on request biotinylated compounds with carbohydrate you need and spacers of different length and nature.

We study any request and do not hesitate to contact us at

(1) Grün, C. H. et al, Anal. Biochem. 2006, 354, 54-63


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