Blood group antigens

Elicityl offers a wide range of A and B antigens and their synthetic precursor: the H series.

Histo-blood group antigens are complex carbohydrates found on the surface of erythrocyte, in fluids like saliva and in tissues. Their presence or absence marks the belonging of one individual to one of the categories of the blood group system: A, B, AB and O.


For each antigen, 5 types of disaccharide precursors may exist (1) :

type 1 Galb-3GlcNAcb-R (Secretion and fluids)

- type 2 Galb-4GlcNAcb-R (Erythrocyte, epithelial and endothelial cells)

- type 3 Galb-3GalNAca-R (Salivary gland)

- type 4 Galb-3GalNAcb-R (Erythrocyte cell)

- type 5 Galb-4Glc-R (Human intestinal cell)


These antigens are well-known to bind their counterpart IgG and IgM. Therefore, the compatibility for transfusion (blood and plasma) between the donor and the patient is essential to avoid any agglutination leading to death.



(1) Marionneau et al. Biochimie, 2001, 83, 565−573.


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