Core Structures

Elicityl offers a range of various carbohydrates based on 5 core structures determined for blood group antigens through observation (1) :

- type 1 Galb-3GlcNAcb-R

- type 2 Galb-4GlcNAcb-R

- type 3 Galb-3GalNAca-R

- type 4 Galb-3GalNAcb-R

- type 5 Galb-4Glc-R 

These oligosaccharides are only composed of galactose, glucose, N-acetylglucosamine and N-acetylgalactosamine. Most of these molecules are building blocks for blood group antigens and human and mammalian milk oligosaccharides. Lacking the typical epitope of blood group antigens, they can be used for negative control in immunology assays.


(1) Marionneau et al. Biochimie, 2001, 83, 565−573.


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